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  • Darah & Micah Preview

    On Sunday, Ryan and I did a photo session just for kicks and giggles of my cousin Darah and her boyfriend, Micah.  Isn’t that way cool that their first names BOTH end in “ah”?

  • Gingerbread House Blown Up

    Edited to add, Mindy’s note: R.I.P House of Ginger Have you watched the video yet??  Scroll down if you haven’t! I love it (duh) – especially the ending!!!  Thanks to Ryan for guest posting about the gingerbread bread house since I’ve had no time to do anything but homework and sleep!  Also, a huge thanks […]

  • Christmas Light Tour

    On the Eve of Christmas Eve, Ryan and I ate some yummmy Mexican food, got some coffee from Panera to stay warm, and drove around looking for Christmas lights on houses.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to see.  I guess people aren’t feeling quite as festive as the Griswold’s to put up Christmas lights on […]

  • Christmas To-Do List

    Last year, Ryan and I had a really fun Christmas break together…

  • Family Photography (Redburn Preview 2)

    Remember this sneak peek of the adorable family that Ryan and I shot photos of together?