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  • From My Hands To Yours!

    You may have noticed….I was on a nice blogging roll lately, but I got a little behind this past weekend.  It might be because I’ve traveled about 2,000 miles since Saturday!!!  I’ll be playing catch up soon and tell you about going to my Grandma’s, the John Tibbs album release party, and how excited I […]

  • On The Road Again

    Last weekend, Ryan and I put my new car to the test and took it on the well-traveled path to Indiana.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve made that trip from here to there and back, but it was a new adventure in a Hybrid!  I was hoping to get 50 MPG +, […]

  • Honda Civic Hybrid Love

    Before I’ve even had the chance to blog about my new car, I’ve already put 1,000 miles on it!  If you’re counting, I know it’s only been 2 weeks… but I’ve already been back and forth to school each day and oh yeah, drove it to Indiana this past weekend!  Definitely put it to the […]

  • Senior Pictures

    When Ryan was here over his Easter break (more on that soon), he brought my his camera home to take Steven’s (my brother) senior pictures. My brother was less than enthused to get his pictures taken, at least in the beginning. He didn’t even want to shower or look nice for the pics, but we […]

  • A detailed account of my lovely weekend

    The weekend goodness was unfortunately not captured in pictures (dare I fight Ryan for a smile? no!), but the proof of my visit is in my brighter smile and love filled heart. I left Missouri at 9:30 on Friday morning with a little anxiety that quickly diminished. Can I just say I am very excited […]