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  • Hate mail

    Dear Winter, Alright, that’s it. You’ve crossed the line by coming between Ryan and me… and I have a problem with that. (Yes, this is a threat.) You know exactly what I’m talking about: Perhaps I should’ve been more specific about the white blanket of snow in my first letter to you. You see, there […]

  • A short letter to a long season

    Dear Winter, I’m gonna have to go ahead and put this out there…. You don’t have much going for you. Honestly, just the pretty blankets of snow and a couple holidays that you hold… but other than that, you don’t impress me much. Even though I really do love the snow, I’m in the wrong […]

  • 4 down, 4 to go!

    Fall Semester 2009: Check!(via Google images) Today marked the completion of the fastest-semester-of-my-life. I know, I always say they’re fast, but really, this is getting ridiculous!! Ridiculous in a good way of course, because school certainly isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Last semester I didn’t have a finals week, but this semester I […]

  • How low can you go?

    I’ve gone from a high to a low this week… Ryan has too quickly come and gone and I miss him already. Now I have heightened awareness of being alone and I don’t like it. I’m also stuck in a lazy, unmotivated funk that I can’t seem to break through. For the past few weeks, […]

  • Not my week

    This was my most stressful week of the fall semester thus far! For normal people, it probably wouldn’t have been stressful, but who defines normal anyway?! On Monday through Thursday, six hours each day (plus two hours of driving) I “aided” at the high school for my education field experience. But it was more like […]